Healer / Mystic / Divine Channel

Healer / Mystic / Divine Channel

I saw Sara after losing my Dad. I was feeling lost and alone at the time and thought nothing could ease the pain I was feeling. I went into our meeting with an open mind and I couldn’t believe how much emotion I was able to release in our session. I felt I could connect with my Dad more and I felt weightless coming out of our one on one time together. I’ll definitely be having more and more sessions with Sara as she’s one gifted human being with such a kind and calming nature. I cannot thank her enough.


I'm Sara

Healer, soul channel & energy intuitive, devoted to the shamanic, spiritual path I walk and embody.

I believe that I have been an intuitive healer over many, many lifetimes, helping other souls alchemise their pain into power, and release the conditioning and beliefs that are holding them back from stepping into their divine sovereignty.

I draw upon my soul’s gifts and the grace of spirit to perform deep transformational healing on my clients.

My purpose is to be of service to those who want to heal their past traumas and stored energetic blocks, so that they may rise up and live in alignment with their soul’s truest desires.

Together we will unlock your magic.

When you work with me

You can expect to be opened to a deeper level of transformation and spiritual healing. To confront the root cause of your wounds, so that they may heal. It takes a lot of courage to step forward and do this work. Many won’t, as it can be easier to stay in suffering than to face your fears. To face your truth. But not you. You have heard the call and for you it is no longer a choice. Fear may have held you back in the past, but you won’t let it take a hold over you again, for you are so much stronger than you used to be.


1.5 Hours

Reiki is a beautiful energetic healing modality, focusing on the release of blocked or stagnant energy from within the body in order to bring you back into alignment.

Shamanic Soul

2-2.5 Hours

This is intense, powerful soul work that asks for your deep surrender to peel back the layers of conditioning and trauma that are holding you back from standing in your divine power. 


1.5 Hours

Transformative energy healing done from the comfort of your own home, where we work together with Spirit and the soul to gently release energetic blockages.

My Mission

Why I Do This Work

This is my soul’s work, my purpose, my heart’s passion. I was made to do this work. To hold space as a healer and guide. I have done this work for many lifetimes across many different timelines and many different places. Earth is but only one destination that I have called home. I believe that I have chosen to come back in this time, to help others with their spiritual awakening. To help others remember. For once we remember, we can begin to take back our power. We are God mirrored back to us, we are the divine. And it is my wish that you can see that in yourself. You do not need any external material “things” to complete you. You are already whole. I am here to remind you that your heart is the compass. It knows where you need to go. Let it guide you.

In each session I will take you deeper and deeper down the path of soul reclamation to retrieve your sovereignty so that you can become the abundant thriving being you came here to be.