1.5 Hours | $188

As an intuitive body reader and qualified Reiki practitioner, I am able to tap into energy within the body to feel where it has become unbalanced and blocked. When this energy is “trapped”, the body becomes out of alignment and illness of all forms can take over. Often we will experience intense emotions, and feel cut off from our soul’s truth. By working hands on and hands over the body, I am able to move and release lower vibrational energy blockages from the chakra energy system. 

In each session I hold sacred space for you to safely discuss any issues you may be facing, any intense emotions you are feeling, and any traumas that you have experienced. I want you to know that there is nothing too big or too small, and the more you surrender energetically, the more potent the healing magic will be in the session.

I call upon white light healing energy in each session to assist me in clearing any energy from the physical and energy body that no longer serves you. My channel is connected directly to divine source energy and to the soul of my client so that I may gain insights and clarity around past and present events. 

After your Reiki session with me, you can expect to feel immense calmness and complete release of heavy energy, thoughts and emotions. Your body will be returned to a state of blissful harmony, and we will conclude with a heart open discussion about what came up for you in the session.

Shamanic Soul Session

2 to 2.5 Hours | $266

The Shamanic Soul Session is for the brave souls who are ready to really dive deep and liberate themselves from unhealed past traumas, past life karma, old wounds, and limiting beliefs held within the energy body and psyche. 

Soul sessions are conducted in a container of the highest frequency of white light energy led by my higher self and the divine feminine Goddesses I work with on a daily basis.  

Before you arrive for your session I ask that you take 20 minutes (or however long you need) to drop into your heart and journal down what you are wanting to heal and release during your session. 

I like to think of these sessions as sacred ceremonies, because they are in fact that. I commence the ceremony an hour before you arrive by clearing my channel and inviting in white light spirit to work through me during our session. 

In truth, each session is different, and I never quite know what will come up, but I hold faith that whatever surfaces is for your greatest good and is intended to be cleared so that you can begin to heal. 

I use a range of modalities, from connecting to the soul, channeling spirit to help clear stagnant lower vibrational energy, deep somatic trauma release, akashic record unlocking, light language transmissions, and connection to the inner child. 

These sessions draw upon the fullest expression of my spiritual gifts, and ask you to surrender to a depth that may be unfamiliar and confronting to you. The deeper you surrender, the more you are able to clear and heal from your psyche, body, and energy field. 

To journey into the shadow is a sacred, courageous, and rewarding act that opens up a direct portal for the soul to come through and provide the answers you are seeking. It is when we work our way through the shadows that we are able to reconnect to the wisdom that lives inside the soul. This wisdom contains your purpose and the codes to help you heal. 

Distance Healing

1.5 Hours | $188

Spirit and healing energy knows no boundaries, that is how I am able to offer this special online healing service to those who cannot make an in person appointment. Distant healing also allows you to receive my deep transformational healing energy from the comfort of your own sacred space where you can integrate the shifts and codes that come from working intensely with Spirit.

These online sessions follow the structure of the Shamanic Soul Session whereby I call in Spirit and my guides to work through me as a channel to uncover energy blockages within the body. I also connect with your soul directly to heal any lower vibrational, stagnant energy that is preventing you from living in true alignment with your dreams. These sessions shed light on the limiting belief patterns that the psyche and body are holding on to so that they may be released and more expansive ways of thinking can come through to nourish the soul.

Once the online booking has been made, you will be sent a zoom call link which we will both join at the designated time of your session.

I ask that you take 20 minutes (or however long you need) before our session to drop into your heart and journal down what you are wanting to heal and release so that together we can allow for deep transformation to take place.